Allium schoenoprasum — “Normal” Chives

Allium tuberosum — Chinese, or Garlic Chives


to prefer well drained moist soil and full sun or partial shade. If they are planted in pots [1] they should be watered regularly and preferably be kept out of full sun. This seems to indicate that self-watering buckets should work? Also claims that flower buds should be nipped to improve yields. One site [3] recommends fertile soil, since all onion type plants take a lot out of the soil.


Cut down to about 3-5cm, Chives should allow this kind of harvesting about 4 times a year. Flowers can be picked when fully opened, and are edible. Chives don’t really take to drying, should be used fresh. Can also be frozen.


Can be grown from seeds, needs 19 deg+ to germinate. Chives form bulb-clumps that can be subdivided. Is considered a good idea to sub-divide a plant every couple of seasons to encourage plant vigour.


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