Various Acts of Procreation

In this exciting update, we hear the fate of several newly germinated and cloned members of my plant family, inter alia bell peppers, garlic, garlic chives and tomatoes. Some of them area alive and well, others, alas, did not make it. Wake at noon!

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Chives have sprouted

Today I noticed that my chives have finally sprouted! Yay!

Quick update: Marigolds and organic bugspray

Just a quick update. Yesterday after a fun day kloofing at Rivier sonder end (more info), I got home and noticed that my recently sown Marigolds have germinated. Still waiting for the chives to get going though.

Also a follow up on old Ludewig’s organic garlicy insecticide spray. It seems to be working. The following morning I still noticed some evil looking white thingies walking around, but yesterday and today there does not seem to be anything. Will still re-apply tomorrow or the day after though.

It lives! Rocket Rises

Quick update: Watering my garden this morning I noticed my rocket seeds have sprouted! This seems to be a bit ahead of schedule, but you don’t se me complaining :) This is the rocket I planted in the 2l self-watering icecream containers on the 18th.