Season Red Tomatoes


Season Red Tomato seed packet

Stark Ayers Season Red seeds


4x 5cm plastic pots in Master Organics Super Premium mix (I think)


Advertised germination: 7-14 days
Actual germination: 9 days

Advertised maturity: 80-90 days
Actual maturity: Not yet! It seems we’re a bit hehind schedule

Post history

I first started the seeds, noted germination, transferred to larger containers, planted out to SWCs


I probably kept the seedlings in small pots way to long, which is why they are behind maturity schedule. This was quite clear from the fact that the plants virtually doubled in size overnight after being plated out into self watering containers.

I included the grounded shells of 12 eggs in the SWC soil when I planted them out. This should (hopefully) prevent blossom end rot by providing the plants with sufficient Calcium. The SWC were filled with a mix of 1:4 of perlite and Culterra potting soil (a nice light potting soil that seems to wick well).