Removing alt-* menu accelerators in jed

Sometimes software designers make weird default choices.

Jed is a lightweight emacs-like text editor. It is my axe of choice for editing configuration files and other light-weight text editing duties where quick startup is important. Considering that alt-f and alt-b (meta-f and meta-b in emacs parlance) are the default emacs bindings for moving the cursor forward and backwards by one word, it seems weird that jed binds them to CUA style menu accelerators.

This behaviour annoys me to no end since I use those keybindings frequently in regular emacs and bash. Usually I try and ignore it, but today it annoyed me too much. So commenceth the googling for a solution, but with no luck. As luck would have it, it seems I have managed to find the configuration setting at least once before, since my home desktop machine has it configured the way I like.

And so, in the hope of making the setting more discoverable and as a reminder to myself, the solution is to place the following in $HOME/.jedrc

() = evalfile ("emacs");

Happy jedding!


  1. Le Roux
    February 20th, 2011 at 10:12PM

    It is really worth learning vim: It is almost always installed, so you could almost say it is an important "life skill" to acquire.

    I recently (and finally) switched to vim as my main editor. It appears to be going through some kind of renaissance with lots of young programmers picking it up. Suddenly there are all these amazing plugins and because of github thousands of people have their dotfiles in git repositories online, so you can learn from those and have a nice environment up and running in no time.

  2. Neilen
    February 21st, 2011 at 12:27AM

    Haha, seriously, you just recommended VI to a lifelong emacs kiddy? ;) I can do basic vi editing for those emergency situations, but for the rest I'll stick to emacs :)

    As an aside, emacs also seems to be undergoing a bit of a rebirth. After stagnating for years there were suddenly two major releases in three years a a lot of other action going on. I think it may have something to do with RMS realising that sometimes it is better to let things go!

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